Tap into your highest potential.

Become the best
version of yourself.

Do you feel there’s more to life than just working to live? Do you often have a nagging feeling inside you calling for a change but you don’t know what to do or where to start? Look no further. I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Jakub Klimes

I’m a Holistic Breathwork & Lifestyle Coach.

I believe in people. Every. Single. One.

From my 4-year-old niece Anna to the elderly couple next door. And I believe in you.

We all have a unique gift, a light that is just waiting for your permission to shine. We often don’t see it because we’re too busy running to buy a bigger house or the newest car, or to accomplish the next goal.

Our light dims when we neglect it. With it goes our motivation, our life purpose, and our desires… Often replaced by stress, anxiety and lack of purpose in life.

So, how do we find and reconnect
with those things again?

It’s pretty simple.

You get the hell out of your own way and allow your soul to guide you.

And my mission is to take you through this path of transformation. Are you ready to take the leap and live your best life? Do you want to wake up every morning with a big smile on your face, feeling excitement, joy and love?

Do you want better relationships with your loved ones, coworkers, and ultimately with yourself?

Take my hand and cross the bridge with me. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I know that having a strong mindset
and drive can make to one’s life.

I know because I’m a driven guy who went through some crazy s**t in his life and decided to step out of my victim mentality and transform myself into the happiest, most disciplined, focused and positive person I know.

Transformation, however, isn’t easy. And to be honest, it isn’t for everyone. It takes more than a desire, it takes a DECISION. So I put myself into a microscope and I started to slowly change every single part of me that wasn’t serving my higher purpose.

It’s a hard and painful path, and because humans are designed to share their journey with others, one can barely endure this path alone.

So, my friend, I’ve been there, done that. There’s no need for you to continue on the hamster wheel all by yourself. You can change a few things here and there, but why endure a long and exhausting path if I can teach you a shortcut?

My mission is to help you reconnect with yourself again, achieve your goals, desires and find purpose in your life.

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I tap into three pillars of wellness to help you transform yourself into your best version:

What my clients have to say

  • Jakub is one of the most positive and motivated persons I've ever met. His charisma and true passion for what he does to help people achieve their goals are captivating. He taught me the importance of breathing and walked me through the process of how I could implement breathwork in my busy daily routine. I can't recommend Jakub enough -- if you are not sure about what you want in life or what things you should do to achieve your life goals, I'm sure Jakub can help you somehow!
    Camila Santiago
    Copy & Content Writer & Strategist
  • Breathing sessions with Jakub are so full of positivism, full of energy. The sessions give me insights, strength, and confidence. Jakub gives those sessions with full passion, the music choice, sound of his voice makes it complete for me…
    Founder of Ballanzz
  • Jakub is very passionate about what he does. I can say he really lives how he preaches, and that is quite rare nowadays! I always get a boost of motivation and inspiration from our sessions and a bunch of practical advice on how I can do better in my day-to-day life.
    Graphic Designer
  • When I started training with Jakub I was not a sporty person and that is putting it lightly. Despite this, the energy that he brought to each session really motivated me to connect my mind with my body. And most important of all this connection remained. I ended up looking forward to all of our sessions and as he kept pushing me forward I felt empowered to make some real changes in my life. Jakub is an excellent trainer and his passion is evident during our sessions. Highly recommended!!
    Partnerships Manager
  • Jakub is really nice and open person. Someone who really understands and wants to help others. After doing exercise and breathwork I feel like a revived and newborn person. I am not afraid of anything after and I have the energy to beat everything, including cold showers which I used to hate! I love the way he deals with people.
    Sales Team Manager
  • Hanneke
    Jakub guided me during a couple of breathwork sessions. The way he guides is really empowering. He knows what to say at the right moments to make you feel safe and go deep. I also enjoyed the music he chose... it fitted well with the whole experience. Thanks a lot Jakub!
    Social Psychologist
  • coo
    Training sessions with Jakub are a real treat. Every session is well and thoroughly prepared. The proposed exercises are always combinations to improve different parts of your body. The attention on stretching and breathing, make you go further every session. Jakub thinks of every aspect, this combination makes you progress at a very high rate.
    Chief Operating Officer / COO at Aerialtronics DV
  • Karel
    Joining Jakub’s training program some 3years ago has definitely been one of the best decissions I made in my life. I totally love his always and everything in me challenging sessions! Jakub combines intensive physical training with e.g. breathwork, exposure to cold, balanced diet & lifestyle and meditation. If you are really serious about your growth - physical, mental and spiritual, do yourself a favor and book a session and get inspired to reach beyond the comfort your comfort zone.
    Karel Becvar
    Macrobiotic lifestyle coach and teacher, founder of Tampopo Foods
  • Cho
    From the moment that I met Jakub I knew there was something special about him. He has the ability to motivate and support you like no other person can. He is a person that constantly aims for evolution and growth. He is living what he is teaching and that is what makes him different from other teachers or coaches. His energy is very powerful but at the same time a really genuine and authentic soul that is living from his heart, genuinely wants the best for you and wants you to unlock your full potential. If you are looking for a coach with a high-performance mindset, knowledge and skillset, I would definitely recommend Jakub as a valuable asset to your life!
    Artist & Founder Of Namacci
  • Jan
    Jakub is a great trainer/coach who really listens to your needs and wishes, not only to get your body in shape, but also your mind. He has great knowledge about martial arts, yoga and breathing, and communicates very clearly and efficiently.
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