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My Approach

In an ocean of gazillions of
lifestyle coaches, why am I different?

Because I am an example of the truth.
I live, I breathe and what I preach. There’s no fluff, no sugar coating.

I’ve had my fair share of struggles in life and I once felt hopeless. I rose from the ashes and learned that each and every one of us can do the same and find our life's purpose -- there’s no rocket science to it!

I blend my unique professional athlete background (success), the dark side of my life (struggles), my breakthrough awakening (experience), and my certification (knowledge) and bring to my clients exactly what works for them.

We know people are different

so I will tailor the best set of tools and exercises according to your needs and level of experience.

Life is composed of many areas that’s why I focus on every single one of them. It doesn’t help to work only on your posture and mental health if your eating habits are bad. The body-mind-spirit work as a whole and they are connected, that’s why it’s important to tap into each one, but of course, one step at a time, at your own pace.

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Health = success = self-confidence

Success + Struggles + Experience + Knowledge
= The key to a happier and fulfilled life!

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